Sarah Henry statement on Supreme Court Decision on Dobbs v Jackson

Sarah Henry provided the following statement on the Supreme Court of the United States’ decision on Dobbs v Jackson:

“Today, the Supreme Court has delivered a heart wrenching blow to the constitutional right of privacy and the ability of all women to determine the path of their own lives. When Roe was affirmed, it promised every American was allowed to make their own choices about their healthcare. Today, Trump-appointed extremists on the Supreme Court took away this right for women and pregnant people. Now, Floridians face the threat of Gov. DeSantis and radical legislators seeking to use healthcare as a pawn to accomplish an agenda dedicated to winning elections instead of doing what’s best for Florida women and families,” said Henry.

“The reversal of Roe and Casey show that this argument is not just about access to abortion and comprehensive reproductive healthcare – this decision is about control. Governor DeSantis and those that support him do not want women to play a role in deciding their own destinies. We cannot go back.”

“The importance of putting pro-choice women in office has never been more obvious. I will not back down as the right to abortion is handed to Florida’s state legislature to decide. As a former abortion clinic patient escort, I know how crucial safe, legal, and affordable abortion access truly is. I will fight to codify all Floridians’ right to choose their own destiny and ensure the concept of the free state of Florida is actual instead of a cheap campaign line used by an extremist Governor and his out of control legislature,” Henry concluded. 

The Sarah Henry for HD38 campaign encourages you to support your local abortion fund. In Florida, Florida Access Network provides financial support, transportation, and mutual aid to those in need of abortion care. Please support their efforts.

Find your local abortion fund and contribute to this life-saving work. 

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