Sarah Henry earns endorsements of key Central Florida leaders

After raising over $20,000 in the first month of fundraising, Sarah Henry is announcing the endorsement of Central Florida elected and community leaders. 

“I’m proud to endorse Sarah Henry. She is a breath of fresh air who is ready to represent one of the fastest growing parts of Florida and has already proven she is ready to take on powerful special interests to stand up for her community. She brings an understanding of what is driving the growth of Central Florida and a clear view of how to help everyone in our community move forward,” said State Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith. 

“Sarah Henry knows that what makes our region special is our diverse community and our quality of life. She will stand up to legislative overreach and ensure the ability of local governments to protect what makes our home so wonderful. As a non-profit leader, she’s taken on tough fights and attained results – I’m confident she’ll do the same as a member of the state legislature,” said Oviedo City Councilmember Natalie Teuchert

“My campaign is focused on solving the affordability crisis that is impacting every single person in Central Florida. I’m running to lower housing costs, create cheaper and cleaner energy, and work with parents to build great schools for our community especially as our schools and students recover from the pandemic,” said Sarah Henry. “I’m proud to have the endorsements of these Central Florida leaders who have been on the front lines of helping our community grow while preserving our quality of life. I’ll work everyday to help our community move forward,” concluded Sarah Henry.

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