Sarah Henry

On the Issues

As a longtime member of this community living in beautiful Altamonte Springs with her husband and their pit bull mix, Maisel, Sarah will fight for her neighbors every day in Tallahassee.

Fighting for Affordable Housing Options

In the midst of a housing crisis, Sarah will fight for young families and graduates who are working to establish themselves in Seminole County, beginning with the restoration of affordable housing funds. She will work to lower property insurance hikes that push working people out of their homes, standing up to special interests and entrenched legislators who are working to prop up a failing industry at Floridians’ expense.

restoring Reproductive Rights

Sarah is a pro-choice woman who knows that reproductive rights are an essential part of any comprehensive healthcare program. Every pregnancy is unique, and decisions about if and when to end a pregnancy must be left to a woman and her doctor.

Investing in Public Education

Sarah will fight to fully fund our public schools, ensuring that Florida’s students have equitable access to an innovative, 21st century education. She will work towards reasonable class sizes, addressing the strain that the COVID-19 pandemic put on teachers and administrators, and work to keep public dollars invested in our neighborhood schools.

taking action for gun safety

Sarah knows that it is possible to respect the rights of responsible gun owners while working to protect our communities from gun violence. She will work to uphold the legislation passed in the wake of the tragic Parkland shooting, including red flag laws, keeping assault weapons away from teenagers, and comprehensive background checks.

Protecting Our Environment

Sarah has been on the frontlines of the efforts to protect the Little Wekiva River from silt buildup, over-development, and pollution. She will stand up to special interests and greedy developers to keep alternative energy prices low and focus on ensuring our community has wonderful public green spaces for generations to come. Sarah will fight to protect Seminole County’s invaluable rural boundary from overdevelopment that would threaten our natural habitats and clean water.

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