Democratic Candidate for House District 38 Sarah Henry’s Statement on Rep. David Smith’s Vote in Favor of 6-Week Abortion Ban

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. – Just six months after claiming the 2022 election was not about abortion, that it was presumptive to think the legislature would take up a bill further restricting abortion in 2023, and that those who wanted to totally ban abortion in Florida did not have the votes, Representative David Smith (R-Winter Springs) voted today for the most restrictive abortion ban in Florida’s history.

“Last year, Republican David Smith claimed abortion was not an issue in this election. He outright dismissed the idea that the legislature would further restrict a woman’s right to choose,” said Democratic candidate Sarah Henry for House District 38.

Henry continued, “Radical, far-right policy that restricts women’s rights and ability to control their own healthcare is sailing through the Florida Legislature powered by the support of Representative Smith. He believes his constituents, who will be forced to manage the real-world repercussions of his actions, do not care about the loss of one of our most fundamental rights: bodily autonomy.”

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